Jason Hubbell


Jason Hubbell

Advisor Hubbell Ventures

Jason Hubbell is a director and shareholder in Oriole Capital Inc a Hubbell Family invested business in Canada. Jason brings his sporting experience to help direct the business in its health, wellness and sport investments.

Oriole Capital’s wholly owned subsidiary, Nvestry Capital Inc, specializes in raising capital for small to mid-size businesses. It is an exempt market dealer registered under the Ontario, Albert and British Columbia Securities Commissions in Canada. Jason is not involved in the day to day business of Nvestry Capital Inc,. but works with the other Directors of Oriole Capital to provide oversight of it’s subsidiary.

Jason currently works as an investment consultant with Manulife in Waterloo, Ontario. This is a perfect position for Jason to develop his skills in the investment area, because not only is Manulife a preeminent company to be associated with it offers Jason excellent training and networking opportunities.

Jason’s goal is to provide his clients with the knowledge and assistance they need to make the right financial decisions in order to save for their future.

Education & Training

  • Wilfrid Laurier University

Areas of Expertise

  • Long term investment strategist



Jason has worked for Manulife in Canada since June 2011, in roles in group retirement solutions and insurance related products. He currently works as a Group Plan Implementation Consultant, helping corporate clients to implement new group solutions for their employees