Company Overview

About Hubbell Ventures

The family business started with John's business ventures in 1974, Heather and John married in 1984, and she added her expertise to the family firm.

In 1998 the family moved to the UK and sold their Canadian interests and Hubbell Associates Limited was formed to manage the business. In 2014 Hubbell Consultants Limited, Wellbridge Financial Limited and Trustco Capital were established. In the near future Hubbell Ventures Canada will be formed, for Jason to work in providing a link between Canada and the UK.


Our Approach

Over the past 35 years John and Heather-Anne Hubbell have been working together in business and raising a family. The result is to have two entrepreneurial children that both through their endeavours have come of age in their own business ventures. For the last ten years John and Heather have also been mentoring Michael Perry and he has become a family member.

Therefore in order to benefit from every ones expertise Hubbell Ventures has been established.

Our Track Record

The decision to bring in a consultancy service to deal with specific business issues is not an easy one to make. You need to be confident that the consultant will deliver results and offer real benefits to your business. In short you need evidence that the consultant has the ability to perform – and to a high standard.

All the Hubbell’s have been involved in business from a young age, all four started dynamic careers right out of University. John, Jay, and Raya have all been elite athletes and competed in their chosen sports at an international level, and still compete at recreational level. Heather-Anne jokingly states that her sport was writing checks, and being the leader of the support team for all their sporting ventures, but she too is an active fitness enthusiast. All of the family members have achieved excellence in their lives and have turned this quality to their business pursuits.

We believe that our success in client relationship management stems from our previous first-hand experience within the business world and our own use of consulting services. We have been clients ourselves and are able to quickly interpret your business needs, whether you are an executive of an international global company or president of a small family-run business. We understand the importance of demonstrating the benefit of our consultancy services by improving your business efficiencies, cost savings and profit rewards